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Our purpose is to recruit and select the most outstanding IT and Web Design talents. We created this service as a key tool to cooperate with companies and help them reach their goals.

We believe that people are able to add value to companies and it is our inspiration to find them.

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Our Services

We provide a customized service, with the highest quality and effectiveness. We offer comprehensive services according to the needs of each client to help them achieve their purposes.

Competency-Based Recruitment

Conducts (the way in which one acts) and behaviors (the different ways in which an individual reacts to different situations) are assessed to attract the most suitable candidates for each position at your company.


Under this recruitment method, we contact the candidate that has been requested directly, even if the person is not searching for new career opportunities.

Mass Recruitment

A structured process that we carry out based on our knowledge of the organization, the position, and the duties. The purpose is to attract several candidates to an assessment process in order to compare them and determine which ones stand out the most.

Recruitment of IT Talent

Recruitment and selection of specialized IT profiles for all management levels —management, specialists, and technicians— in the development, systems, consulting, and telecommunications areas.

Integral commercial solution for IT companies

Selection of personnel from profiles of trained Commercials, who work enhancing the activities of companies around the world. It is offered: Personnel selection, Training and follow-up.

Psychometric and Potential Evaluations

These evaluations are intended to measure intellectual and emotional resources with which the candidate has a particular position, or to relocate to new hierarchical positions.

Why Take a Psychometric Test?

The main purpose is to provide the company with information on the personal characteristics and skills of the candidate to be assessed (new employee or internal personnel). This also entails analyzing if candidates will be suitable for the position and company culture.

With our reliable tools, we can make a thorough assessment of the candidates. This is a valuable method to gain insight on a person, thus allowing us to make a decision with more information about the future employee.

To achieve successful results and grow, all companies must focus a large part of their efforts on detecting, selecting, and retaining the best talent in their organization.

We created this service as a key tool to help companies reach their goals. We believe that all persons are able to add value to companies and it is our inspiration to find such persons.


Propose quality solutions for the assessment, recruitment, and selection of personnel in order to help companies be successful. Make thorough assessments to attract candidates in accordance with the culture of each company.



We are committed to our clients, to provide a quality service for them, becoming strategic partners to achieve the desired results.

Creativity and Innovation

We generate multiple strategies to reach the goals. We use state-of-the-art tools to provide a quality service.

Work Ethics

We establish clear and accurate terms with the parties involved and keep the information provided strictly confidential.

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